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Writing a Will is a necessity, not a luxury reserved for the privileged few.
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Why write a will?

Distribution Act

Dying without a will means losing control of how your assets are distributed. Does the Distribution Act 1958 (in Malaysia) automatically distribute my assets to my next of kin according to my wishes?

Automatic distribution?

Unfortunately, NO! As of Feb 2014, there is up to RM 52 billion unclaimed by the rightful parties. Around 120,000 people pass away every year in Malaysia but only 14,000 families successfully claim their rightful inheritance.

Be there for them

This is easily avoided by writing a proper Will with Uyil Consultancy. This will ensure that your intentions and plans are carried out legally in a proper manner after death.

Distribution Act 1958 Malaysia


We at Uyil offer a variety of financial services tailor made to suit your individual circumstances ensuring a smooth transition. We provide a an array of services to ensure that your last will and testament is solid and according to your needs. Apart from that we also run public awareness talks, trainings and development programs for the constant improvement of our agents.

Will Writing in Malaysia

Will Writing

UC provides Will writing services to all Non-Muslim clients in Malaysia. Our Wills are comprehensively written and yet at a competitive price. We believe in meeting clients face to face, this enables us to discuss in detail before drafting out the Will according to their needs. Our agents are well trained to advise Clients in drafting and deciding on their last testament and Will. Please contact us to arrange for an appointment with a nearby agent.

Will Custody Malaysia

Will Custody

As UC always recommends the Original Will to be kept by the Client/Testator, we also believe in storing a duplicate copy in a safe place in case of any unforeseen events. Clients can always come back to us to acquire the duplicate copy as a back-up. This service is provided at no charge.

Will Execution


At UC, we always refer our Clients to our panel Lawyer in getting the Probate done when the testator passes on. Our Lawyers charge a nominal fee and not by percentage.

Finanacial Planning

Financial Planning

UC also provides Financial planning services to young business people and families who need to identify their financial strength in order to plan their Investment and insurance needs to achieve financial freedom.

Social Responsibility

CSR Programmes

As we believe in building a better community for tomorrow, UC always welcomes invitations by Organizations to give free Awareness Talks on Will Writing and Financial Planning. Please call us at @ 013-350 4575 to fix dates.

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